Monday, December 29, 2008

and a happy New Year......

First off...let me wish you all Happy Holidays and best wishes for a terrific New Year.....anything has to be better than 2008 for some of you (me), yet I am sure 2008 was fantastic for many and may 2009 be even better.....whatever....we all win at some point.

I was supremely happy that November 2008 ended.....what with getting ready for Christmas...getting ready for Chanukah is MUCH simpler....December has kind of passed by in a haze. I feel myself hopelessly teetering on the brink of 2009 with little to precariously balance myself on as far as hopes and desires go. Not only that, but I turned 52 on the 26th. 

Being 52 is, in and of itself, no big deal. My attitude is firmly planted in a space many years younger and I am not sure how that relates to any wisdom I might have gained over the years. My body is somewhere in-between, probably inclining more towards 50, menopausal and hormonally challenged. I learned long ago to forget about committing to the ubiquitous New Years resolution to get in shape. Of course it is always in the back of my mind, sneaking through to semi-consciousness every now and then when I catch that glimpse of my ass in the mirror.

I do have high hopes for 2009 however. Ridiculous as it may seem, my horoscope for the next few years is exaltingly optimistic which has fueled my enthusiasm to the point that I will be sorely disappointed if something does not go my way. Where to focus all this enthusiasm and terrificness, other than in the appending of inappropriate suffixes to words, is the challenge I now face. Perhaps that is my challenge for 2009 in preparation for all the greatness ahead of me.

Does this mean that ALL Capricorns are destined for happiness, riches and fantastical occurrences in the next few years? That would probably be a sizable portion of the world's population assuming that 1/12th of all people are born under that sign, all things being equal. But all things are not equal and while my prospects of obtaining material gains is potentially possible and my chances of emotional/spiritual gain are entirely up to me, what does this mean for those who do not have anything in comparison to my opportunities and realities? 

Does someone write a horoscope interpreting differently the stars and their influence on those who are living in the most deplorable conditions? Does this mean that the Capricorn starving somewhere might gain an extra bowl of rice or two? Does it indicate that in a roomful of others being rounded up in the course of genocide, that the Capricorn might escape or be looked over or some miracle will occur to grant them immunity? While I have a fairly good grasp on the control of my destiny, there are obviously some things beyond my ability to affect, there are many millions more who do not and no glorified interpretation of the heavenly bodies and their position in space will affect their ability to make their lives better.

However, I do understand that Pluto is moving into Capricorn and will spend the next 18 years there. Historically, Pluto in Capricorn has influenced the most compelling changes that have occurred in the history of Earths' civilizations: the establishing of Christianity, the continuance of the Roman Empire after the first time it almost imploded, the ascendancy of Charlemagne who re-established the Empire in the West, the Protestant Reformation under Martin Luther. The fall of Britain to the Romans happened during one Pluto in Capricorn cycle and then the rise of the British Empire occurred in another. The USA was founded when Pluto was in Capricorn.

Perhaps then, there is hope for us in this next cycle. Perhaps the time has come for us to put into play huge changes that will positively influence our world. Perhaps we can create the actions that will generate the impetus to make real our desires for peace and freedom, a clean environment, tolerance of all differences between us. It could be a very painful process. Indeed I believe it will be as we witness the current financial crises, the upwelling of wars, violence and crimes against our own humanity and our biosphere. But the need for change in the very fabric of our civilizations and positive input to the weave of our collective experience will require the tearing down of our old belief systems and social conventions. 

Or we could just nuke ourselves.