Monday, September 22, 2008


I am lousy at making phone calls, answering phone calls, returning phone calls - yes, and I know it's rude and unconscionable and yet most of my friends and family still put up with me and continue to call. This is a good thing, as it would not be at all unlike me to just disappear into the ether of the place I live, unknown to any but my husband, 2 sons and the various animals we shelter. It doesn't help either that, because we have moved so much, our friends and family are strewn like maple keys all over the landscape of this earth of ours. 

I have discovered, however, that I am pretty good at returning emails and I don't mind leaving messages on other people's phones - in fact I could probably carry on a presidential debate via phone messages alone. But I also know that I love to write and perhaps some of you who have thrown your hands up in disgust at me, or don't know/like me well enough to be that persistent, not to mention those of you who probably have better things to do, will get sucked into here every now and then. - you know, like leaves into the eaves. 

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